Bushypark vets provide a range of routine surgeries for your dog or cat

Our expert caring team of Veterinary practitioners are fully qualified ensuring your pet gets the best possible care.


Neutering your pet can prevent many illnesses such as cancers and the spread of disease. It is a routine day procedure where your pet will need a general anaesthetic and stay with us throughout the day to ensure they have a smooth recovery. This entails our team monitoring your pet keeping them, warm, comfortable and most importantly pain free.


Neutering your pet is beneficial at any age but we recommend neutering from as early as 5-6months old to improve pet’s quality of life. If for any reason you need to delay neutering talk to us about possible alternatives that may be suitable for your pet


Spaying involves the removal of the womb and ovaries from your pet. This surgery prevents often fatal womb infections (pyometra- where the womb fills with pus) and unwanted pregnancies. Spaying also decreases the chance of mammary tumours arising by up to 50% if done early in life. Another factor to consider is your pet will not come into heat therefore; straying and fighting is less likely to occur reducing the spread of disease.


Castration involves surgical removal of the testes and there are many health benefits involved. Surgery reduces tumours and decreases the risk of prostate problems for your pet in later life. There are multiple testicular tumours that may affect your pet and as a result may be benign or malignant. Straying and fighting is also less likely to occur therefore decreasing the chance of your pet contracting a disease.

Caesarean Section

Caesarean Section is often necessary when pet moms can’t give birth naturally. It is a major emergency surgery for your pet and involves opening into the womb to gently remove the puppies or kittens. It is often required when pets are in labour for long periods without any progress or if puppies or kittens are too big for the mother to give birth to. Another factor relating to whelping difficulties is where the pet was mated from a very young age. The duration of your pet’s hospitalisation will depend on many factors, but most recover quickly and once fully awake and caring for their babies, can go home within hours.

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