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Help get your dog or cat back safely by microchipping them

It is so sad to see all the lost pets out there that if microchipped and registered correctly could be easily identified and reunited with their owners. Having your pet microchipped is a simple procedure which only takes a couple of minutes. It is non invasive and once your pet is chipped it is chipped for life. We register your pets’ microchip number onto a national database called Fido and they hold all the details belong to you and your pet.


All you have to do is update your details with them if you change address or phone number throughout your pet’s life. Mandatory microchipping of dogs came into effect in 2015 under the Animal Health & Welfare Act 2013. A microchip can be inserted into other animals too such as cats, ferrets and horses to identify them. With new puppies it is now the law to microchip them by the time they are twelve weeks old. So don’t delay, microchip your pet today.

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