Nursing Clinic

Bushypark Vet’s nursing clinic provides the best treatment for your pet

Bushypark Vets is Galway’s leading veterinary clinic providing an extensive range of diagnostic, laboratory and dental equipment to ensure your pet gets the best care. We have various in-house diagnostic tools including blood analysis & digital x-ray with results available in less than 15 minutes for a faster diagnosis. Our state of the art dental machine will have your pet’s teeth sparkling!

Diabetic Clinics

Diabetes Mellitus is a common hormonal illness in dogs and cats which results in insufficient insulin production. This gives rise to high blood sugar levels within the body. Once blood glucose levels are exceeded, this jeopardises the renal threshold and results in glucose being excreted in the urine. A daily injection of Insulin is often the treatment of choice depending on the severity of the disease. In our nursing clinic you can expect us to measure your pet’s glucose level by acquiring a small amount of blood from your pet along with urine testing and weight checks.   

Weight Management Clinics

Is your pet munching too much? Returning overweight animals to optimal body condition is our number one goal in our weight management clinics. They can improve factors such as mobility and quality of life for your pet. What you can expect is together we will develop an exercise plan that’s right for your pet along with weight checks and an appropriate food for your number one.

Senior Clinics

As pets age they need extra care and attention and are classed as senior by the time they are over seven years old. Their bodies may slow down, they may not be able to walk as fast or jump as high as they used to or even have dental, weight issues. The list may be endless but we are here to help and guide you and your pet.  What you can expect from our senior nursing clinics involves weight checks and blood testing to ensure they have no hidden illness, a dental exam and general health check.

Dental Clinics

Dental care is as important for your pet as it is for you. During our dental clinics we will assess your pet’s gums and teeth to determine if they require any further treatment .Dental issues often consist of inflammation of the gums, cracked, deciduous or loose teeth. We will talk you through any preventative health care treatments appropriate for your pet such as tooth brushing and diet considerations .Because dental problems may give rise to other conditions we offer this service to help you help your pet and keep them smiling.

Puppy & Kitten Developmental Clinics

Puppies and kittens grow at a fast rate and we want to insure they are doing so without any complications. In our clinics we can monitor and talk you through important issues relevant to their health. What you can expect is for us to go through important topics such as diet for your puppy or kitten along with parasitic protocols, enrichment and neutering.

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