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Digital Radiography

X-rays allow us to get a detailed view of what is going on inside your pet which we cannot see from the outside. For instance they permit us to measure the heart, see bone structure and in certain cases where your pet may have eaten something it shouldn’t have we can detect foreign bodies. There any many reasons why we may need to radiograph your pet and when doing so they will often require sedation or a general anaesthetic. Our digital x-ray gives us the best image within minutes, therefore allowing us to interpret results quickly.

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Bushypark Vets is Galway’s leading veterinary clinic providing an extensive range of diagnostic, laboratory and dental equipment to ensure your pet gets the best care. We have various in-house diagnostic tools including blood analysis & digital x-ray with results available in less than 15 minutes for a faster diagnosis.

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Pet Insurance

We endeavour to give your pet the best treatments, but know this can be costly having pet insurance can ease some of the costs.

Cat and Dog Microchipping Bushypark Vets Galway


Microchipping your pet is a simple procedure which helps to ensure they are reunited with you if they ever get lost.

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Pesky Parasites

Protect your pet from pesky parasites, call into Bushypark Vets for our broad range of preventative health care treatments.

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